Diversito will gladly answer all your questions about communication and people management.

Your advantage with a Diversito people manager

  • We are able to identify obstacles in an individual or group much quicker because we are not part of the system.
  • We put the finger on these obstacles based on our personality, experience and training and offer workable no-nonsense solutions.
  • We provide customised input on the shop/work floor.

Specific examples of problems Diversito solves for you through consulting and coaching of individuals or groups, courses and/or training.

Consulting and coaching in an international context

  • Assistance during international negotiations : 1 intercultural mistake might cost millions of euros.
  • Analysis of recurrent problems “in the field”, in affiliated companies abroad.
  • Assistance in reformulating the directives for affiliated companies abroad.

Consulting and coaching of individuals

  • A manager needs an external sounding board.
  • A manager does not have the charisma and communication skills to guide his/her team.
  • A manager wants to learn diversity skills.
  • A manager or employee has an alcohol or drug problem.

Consulting and coaching of a group

  • Your team underperforms.
  • You can't find the right employees.
  • There is more in your employees but you're unable to bring it out.
  • There is racism on the shop/work floor.
  • There is a high level of absenteeism among your employees.

Courses and training

  • Promote diversity and/or a diversity policy
    The aim is to promote awareness of the need for diversity and its development in policies, communication, services, and personnel.
    The target group is senior and middle management as well as executive personnel.

  • Intercultural communication
    The aim is optimal communication in an intercultural context imbedded in a good diversity policy.
    The target group is senior and middle management as well as executive personnel.

  • Diversity on the shop floor of SMEs
    The aim is direct application of the diversity policy through training/coaching on the shop/work floor with the business manager.
    Business managers rarely find the time to follow courses, that is why Diversito comes to you. After all, diversity policy is also important in a small team.
    The target group is business managers of SMEs.


We can be used for all kinds of freelance jobs in our field of knowledge.
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