Some references

Luxury.jpg At L'Oreal, the diversity is a fundamental value. For the composition of teams of developed products, L'Oréal has always been aware of the power of Diversity. At the Luxury Products Division at our diversity workshops, Alain comes with great conviction and talent. His enthusiasm, his outspoken, expertise and openness to the world of diversity makes it one of the main actors to carry out our mission of awareness of our employees.
Ghyslaine Villain
Director Learning for Development
Diversity is serious business for L'Oréal

Loreal.jpg The goal of the L'Oréal Group is to reflect the outside world and consequently to increase the diversity of its staff. In order to realise this L’Oréal Belgium has launched a Diversity Sensitivity Training for the totality of its personnel. Alain has organised these sensitisation days during which he did not only provide a great deal of theoretical content, but also a lot of personal testimonials. He proves to be a great listener who knows how to convey a message so that, at the end of those two days, everybody goes home with the conviction that diversity is above all everybody’s business. Alain is passionate about Diversity and his enthousiasm rubs off on the participants. He is also an authority on all the publications, movies and broadcasts about Diversity.
Véronique Ralet
Development & training manager
L’Oréal Belgium

Encare.jpgWe appealed on Diversito’s expertise several times in the course of 2008 and Alain did a great job on a series of career coachings and outplacements. We can describe him as a very professional and experienced coach who has a big knack for empathy. So, when somebody asks for a professional and skilled coach with a very result oriented approach, we recommend Diversito.
Koen Janssens
Executive Director

Daoust.jpgDuring a three day long training our consultants acquired a comprehensive idea of the different aspects of a diversity policy. A lot of related subjects were addressed in a very practical and goal-oriented manner. The enthusiastic, no-nonsense but at the same time extremely professional approach of the trainer has a contagious and convincing effect on people!
Christine Lalmant
Business development & Communication coordinator

Pluribus.jpg "Alain has strong communication skills combined with listening and sensitivity competencies. Able to think « outside the box », Alain is creative and open to new ideas. He genuinely values diversity and fosters inclusive behavior. He has a lot of expertise in valuing and leveraging multi-cultural teams. Alain is involved in various diversity and inclusion projects with Pluribus Europe and it is always a pleasure working in collaboration with Diversito."
Isabelle Pujol,
Director Pluribus Europe

Loreal.jpgAlain is the perfect person for this kind of programs. He could adapted himself in no time to our good anchored Ardenne- public, convince them, mobilize them and make them interested in the program of Diversity and inclusion. A big professional in his area … “to be discovered”.
V. Pierret
Responsible Formation and communication, L'Oréal Libramont

Focus.jpgAlain de Bruyne has been working with Focus Consultancy as a trainer/facilitator since 2007. His commitment, expertise and professionalism have been a real credit to the projects in which he has been involved.
 Ms Mike Elmont,
Executive Director
Focus Consultancy Ltd

Zorgsaam.jpgAlain organized a lot of trainings for Zorg-Saam on the subjects of diversity, prejudice and dealing with discriminatory behaviour. These trainings always turned out to be of the highest quality. Alain is an authority in this field and surely knows what he’s talking about. As an experienced trainer he can smoothly transfer this knowledge to the participants. His enthusiastic, creative and amiable personality are the proverbial topping on the cake.
Mieke Slingerland
Zorg-Saam vzw

Inburgering-OVL.jpgFor several years now, the non-profit organisation “Inburgering Oost-Vlaanderen”, has regularly called upon Alain De Bruyne’s know-how to organise Social Orientation trainings. The participants are new or less new arrivals from all over the world. So the target group is quite diversified. Alain elaborated special training sessions on all kinds of differences in culture and norms. With his very open and interactive style he succeeds in giving the participants a fascinating account on culture shocks and cultural differences, at the same time giving the attendees plenty of room for questions. Although he always uses this recipe as a basis Alain takes into account the special interests of each group. Our evaluation at the end of each training reveals that the participants highly appreciate both the training’s content and Alain’s refreshing approach. We really recommend him!
Maaike De Doncker
Coordinator Inburgering Oost-Vlaanderen
Inburgering Oost Vlaanderen

Markant.jpgAlain De Bruyne communicates with passion about this issue. As an 'ideal son in law', he adapts quickly to our exclusive female companionship. He shows with great conviction, on the basis of clear examples, a fascinating presentation on culture shock and differences. And continuously provoked reactions from the audience.

Highly recommended for anyone who realizes that in our globalized world through diversity creativity and problem solving can improve.
Lea Debrouwer - Markant

few quotes from evaluations

• Evaluation showed that it was a fascinating day for all participants.
• The diversity thought was clearly explained with audio-visual material and through concrete examples.
• A captivating speaker thanks to his sound working knowledge.
• Fascinating lecture, which was well-founded on a broad background.
• This project gave a clear explanation of certain diversity groups and concrete tips on how to interact with them.
• It struck me that you don’t just reproduce your theoretical knowledge but you apply it wisely.
• Your approach of practical cases is based on a rich variety of scientific influences.
• You’re not the type that lives in his ivory tower with all his knowledge, rather you prefer to deal with day-to-day reality.
• Without doubt, your style is casual and informal, and you concentrate on the essence of things.
• You bring across your message with a lot of enthusiasm.
• Informal and not pedantic, you widen one’s point of view and offer depth.
• It’s very clear that your knowledge and experience encompass the broad theme of diversity as well as that of social assistance.
• From now on, our work group is always looking forward to the next session.
• After some time our work group got stuck on its own narrow-minded ideas. Now –with the coaching– we work more collectively and flexibly, yet offer everyone a chance to participate individually.v • Our meetings take place in a very pleasant atmosphere. At the same time we get answers to our questions with a broad explanation.